Women are twice as lazy than men in Bangladesh!

Women are more ‘lazy’ or refrain from exercising their body than Bangladeshi men, according to the survey. And in this list of lazy, Bangladesh also has 5.7 percent men, while the female rate is 5.7 percent. The survey was conducted on people from six countries of the world, not just Bangladesh, where around 2.5 percent of the world’s people want to work less or refuse to exercise. Of these, men are 26.3 percent and women 5.7 percent.

That is, women in Bangladesh are about 5 percent ahead of men, and men are about 5 percent behind the average in that country. However, the study also found countries where the sluggishness rate in both men and women is above 5 percent. In Kuwait, 4.7 percent of men are sluggish, while the sluggishness rate of women is 5.7 percent. The World Health Organization (WHO) survey reveals such data. The company published the report, surveying over 100,000 people from 4 countries in the world from 25 to 25 years.

The WHO report was recently published in the Lancet Global Health Journal. It has been said that those who exercise heavy exercise for at least two minutes a week, moderate exercise for 5 minutes or a combination of the two, have been found to be active in exercise. In the survey of World Health Organization, 9,212 people were taken in 24 and 9,220 Bangladeshis participated in the survey. According to the survey, these men were reported to be Bangladeshi men and women aged between six and seven years.

According to the survey report, 23.5 percent of the Bangladeshi people do not exercise ‘sloth’ or ‘body’. Of these, 5.7 percent men and 5 percent women are lazy. Considering this, Kuwait is on the list of the most ‘lazy’ countries and Uganda is on the list of the most active countries. Thirty percent of Kuwait’s population is non-violent in nature, while Uganda has 5.7 percent. However, Bangladesh is not in the list of top 5 lazy countries.

Kuwait took first place on that list. The list is given below:

3) Kuwait (1 percent)

2) American Samoa (1.5 percent)

3) Saudi Arabia (3 percent)

3) Iraq (72 percent)

1) Brazil (3 percent)

1) Costa Rica (0.5 percent)

1) Cyprus (0.5 percent)

3) Suriname (1.5 percent)

1) Columbia (3 percent)

1) Ma’archal Islands (5.9%)

On the other hand, Bangladesh is not in the list of the most active countries. Uganda occupied first place there by working day and night. The list is given below:

1) Uganda (5.9 percent)

2) Mozambique (1.5 percent)

1) Lesotho (8.5 percent)

1) Tanzania (5.9 percent)

1) Niue (1.5 percent)

3) Vanuatu (3 percent)

1) Togo (1.5 percent)

3) Cambodia (5.9 percent)

1) Myanmar (5.9 percent)

1) Tokelau (1.5 percent)

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