Democrats in Hong Kong great success

Democrats in Hong Kong great success

Democrats have won big in Hong Kong’s local council or district council elections. Citing a local media source, the BBC Online reports that 3 out of 5 district councils are now under the control of the Democrats. In the wake of the months-long protests, the election was an important election for the government. The Chinese government thought that the ‘silent majority’ would win in their language in this election. But in reality the reverse has happened. Many candidates in Beijing lost the election. “Everything has gone in the opposite direction,” said Julian Hu, a pro-China councilor who lost this year’s election.

Why this election is important
The political power of the District Councilors in Hong Kong is very low. They have to work on local issues such as bus routes or garbage cleaning. In that sense, there will be no major changes as a result of this election. But the first Democrats were able to show their support to Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam through a ballot box. Carrie Lam started fighting against the repealed extradition law. There have been months of widespread violence in Hong Kong surrounding the law.

The 12-member district councilor will be elected to a 122-member committee. The committee again voted for the chief executive election. And this election of the District Council made a great place for the Democrats. In this year’s election, 100,000 voters registered. This is more than half of the total population. This time, 8 percent of the electorate voted. In 20, the voter turnout was 5 percent.

Last week was relatively quiet after several months of continuous conflict. Many protesters have been injured in the ongoing violence and police raids for months. During the protests, the police and the government have clashed with the protesters more than once.

It is not yet clear how many people have the support of the democrat protesters. The government has repeatedly said that there are very few people behind the protesters. In many districts, this is the first time young competitors have been selected. Many of them were involved in the protests.

After the vote, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said, “In the face of a very challenging situation, I am satisfied that we were relatively calm and peaceful on election day.

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