Hundreds of millions of Muslim clerics brainwashed in captivity in China

China’s western province of Xinjiang has been accused of detaining millions of Muslims in major captivity camps. Photo: Courtesy of the BBC

Tens of millions of Muslims are being manipulated into rigorous security camps in China. Continuing with persecution-torture. Details of the Uyghur torture came out in a new document leaked last Sunday. What would be the prisoner’s hair trim, when to close the door of the house – everything is strictly controlled in those camps.

The Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has published the documents. The organization, which deals with cross-border crime, corruption and power accountability, is associated with more than 200 investigative journalists and hundreds of media outlets in 5 countries. Chinese official documents have been handed over to the BBC’s investigative program Panorama by the UK’s influential media outlet. Documents contain information on detainees detained, tortured and punished. However, the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom dismissed it as ‘fake news’.

In China’s western province of Xinjiang, about 100,000 Muslims have been detained in major captivity camps. Most of these people, who are held captive year after year without trial, are members of the Uighur community. Despite the concerns of the international community including the UN, the Chinese government demanded that they be kept there for voluntary education and training to prevent terrorism. They have the freedom to move. But Beijing’s claims are not in line with the leaked new information.

Details of Uyghur’s torture have emerged in a new document leaked last Sunday. About 1 lakh Muslims have been detained.

The Chinese government has named the documents as ‘The China Cable’ at ICIJ. These documents contain a 4-page memo. Zhu Haileun, assistant secretary of the Communist Party of Xinjiang and the top officials in charge of the captivity, sent the memo to the central government of China. The memo contained clear instructions that prisoners should be operated as high security prisons. The memo contains guidelines for maintaining strict discipline, punishing and preventing anyone from escaping. In addition, it said mandarin education in behavior change, greater encouragement of students in behavioral transformations, and ensuring full CCTV camera surveillance in detention dormitories and classrooms.

Documents also contain information about how each prisoner is monitored and controlled. Prison camps specify the students’ sleeping positions, queuing positions, classroom seats, etc. These changes are strictly forbidden. The prisoners have to obey the rules of waking up, responding to Namdas in the classroom, washing hands, going to the toilet, setting up houses, eating, teaching, closing the door of the house, etc.

In other documents, information on specific types of incarceration for teaching has been confirmed. According to a document, in 2000, 5,000 people from the southern part of Xinjiang were sent to those camps for a week’s course.

Sophie Richardson, China’s director of human rights watch at the US-based New York-based international human rights organization, said the document carries a picture of gross human rights violations.

However, Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming, claiming that no one was being harmed in Xinjiang, said the move was taken to protect the local people. Because of this, there has not been a terrorist attack in Xinjiang in the last three years.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zheng Shuang said at a press conference yesterday that Xinjiang’s case was China’s internal matter. This step is taken to build Xinjiang as a stable and prosperous region.

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