Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah of dividing India. He made the complaint in a tweet on Sunday aimed at the younger generation of India.

In his tweet, he wrote, “Dear Indian youth, Modi and Amit Shah have already destroyed your future. They will never be able to come to you because of your frustration due to lack of employment and the damage they have done to the economic condition of the country. So they are trying to divide us by hiding their faces behind hatred. ‘

He further wrote, “Now the only way to lose them is to spread love among every Indian.”

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi’s sister and general secretary of Congress Priyanka Gandhi blamed the central government for the ‘brutal and violent’ behavior of the authorities in resisting the agitation against the citizenship bill. He also referred to this day as the ‘black day of democracy’.

He also said, “The NRC and the citizenship bill are against the basic spirit of the constitution. At the same time, hitting the constitution of father Ambedkar will not be accepted in any way. The people of the country are struggling on the highway to defend the constitution, and the government is on the verge of brutality and violence to suppress that voice.

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