Some helpful tips for cheering on your partner

Carefully read some helpful tips to make your partner happy

He grabbed my ass cheeks, lifted me up, and carried me down the street, the bulge of his crotch teasing my vagina just enough to get me sopping wet.

Starved, he spread his breakfast on the table. Unwrapped. As he took a bite, his breakfast moaned.

Every inch of her body smelled like sex. She would moan what she wanted me to do to her and I would obey, happily acting as her sex slave whenever she wanted.

It was the middle of dinner and I was horny AF, so I grabbed my own tits, licked my lips and signaled my boyfriend to come hither. He crawled under the table and I straddled his face and let him lick my clit right there until my needs were met.

We were sitting on the couch one average night when my libido started screaming from within. I ripped the remote out of his hands, jerked his soft, startled cock to erection, then wiggled out of my panties and mounted him.

She was wearing nothing but pigtails my handles for the night- when I arrived. So I grabbed a hold and rode her like a dirty cowboy trying to break a wild horse until the sun came up.

We came together, fast and hard, like robid animals hungry for each other’s bodies.

He nibbled my flesh from neck to toes and nipples, turning me on nipples, turning me on until I screamed, Fuck me, you tease! He complied, happily.

We were grinding on the dance floor and I tingled with pleasure as I felt the massive serpent stiffening between his legs. When he unfastened his pants later that night, I gasped and thanked god for the gift.

Watching her flick her clit got me so hard. I needed it, so I scooped her into My arms and placed her on top of my throbbing rod.

When she saw me, she slid her hand down her abdomen slowly until it was between her thighs and started playing with her clit, delicate but determined, as if instructing me. I stripped off all my colthes as fast as possible to join the the action before sht could make herself climax.

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